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join tables based on string in one cell in the other

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jkr on 9 Feb 2018
Commented: jkr on 9 Feb 2018
I have 2 tables, call them foo and bar. foo has strings in the form "foobar" in column 1. bar has strings in the form 'foobar' in column one.
foo{1,1} = "060514191658"
bar{1,1} = 1×1 cell array {'060514191658'}
foo(1,1) = table CaseID "060514191658"
bar(1,1) = table CaseID '060514191658'
When I try
>> join(foo,bar)
I get:
Error using tabular/join (line 129)
Left and right key variables 'CaseID' and 'CaseID' are not comparable because one is a non-cell.
How do I convert one or another to be able to join on this column.
I've tried every conversion I can think of and still can't get there.

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Accepted Answer

Eric Tao
Eric Tao on 9 Feb 2018
You need to convert strings in foo.var1 to characters, assuming the 1st column name in foo and bar are both 'var1'.
foo.var1_converted = cellfun(@(x) char(x),foo.var1,'UniformOutput',false);
then you will get a new column 'var1_converted' in foo, which contains the converted characters from strings in column 'var1'.
Then run:
new_tab = join(foo,bar,'leftkeys','var1_converted','rightkeys','var1');
you will get your joined table.

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jkr on 9 Feb 2018
Excellent, thank you, just what I needed.

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