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Subtraction between matrix elements

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Michael on 12 Aug 2018
Closed: Stephen on 12 Aug 2018
This should be straight forward but I can't seem to get the syntax correct. Basically, I have a matrix of (x, y) coordinates in a 4 by two matrix. And I want to calculate the distance between y values. By issue is that some of the coordinates have negative values. I know for scaler values this works
a= 3; b= -5; c= a-b;
% these are the array values
0 0.750000000000000
0 0
0 -0.500000000000000
0 -0.750000000000000
% I have tried both of these
DistY2 = minus(line1 (1,2), line (3,2));
DistY2 = (line1 (1,2) - line (3,2));
% and the error I get is below Undefined operator '-' for input arguments of type ''.
Error in PlotCurve (line 50) DistY2 = (line1 (1,2)- line (3,2));

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