Transmission zeros created when selecting outputs in state-space system

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I have a MIMO state-space system with inputs of rotor speed (quad-rotor plant) and outputs of the states (U, V, W, Phi, Theta, P, Q, R). This system does not have any transmission zeros. As I create a smaller plant with the same inputs and a reduced output set (W, Phi, Theta, R), two transmission zeros are created. I arrive at the same result when using balred() and minreal() to reduce the plant order.
Is it possible for a plant to create these transmission zeros or is this an artifact of how MATLAB reduces the plant model? Can I trust that these transmission zeros are real?
Thank you for your time, Clay
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Martin Evans
Martin Evans on 14 Jan 2019
I have exactly the same issue and I haven't been able to work it out. I can only guess it's an artifact unintentionally added in the balred function.

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