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View a shapefile, then plot points with lat/long?

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Niky Taylor
Niky Taylor on 13 Mar 2019
I have a shapefile of the San Francisco Bay Area, which I am reading into Matlab using the following:
S = shaperead('bayarea_general.shp');
I can then view a map of the shapefile using:
That all works fine, however, my map is not in lat/long degrees. I would like it to be, since I have a list of points with associated lat/long coordinates. I thought the map might be in UTM, so I converted my data to UTM but that doesn't plot correctly.
My questions are:
1) How do I figure out the coordinate system that my shapefile is in?
2) How do I convert either the shapefile, or my own lat/long data to be in the same format/coordinate system?

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