Warning: Editor is not serializable

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I run the following code to get current state of Editor
X = matlab.desktop.editor.getAll;
Then I save the variable X.
I get following warning
Warning: com.mathworks.mde.editor.MatlabEditor@73877e19 is not serializable
and X variable is saved with properties having no values.
How can I save X variable with values.

Accepted Answer

Masudur Siddiquee
Masudur Siddiquee on 22 Oct 2019
you may automate this using the following simple script:
for i=1:1:size(x,2)
theScriptList=[theScriptList; {x(1,i).Filename} {x(1,i).Text}];
% suppose you want to save these 2 items
clearvars -except theScriptList
% now save the workspace

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Aug 2019
You cannot. The editor state refers to a number of dynamic Java objects, some of which have no ability to save and restore. For example some of them refer to Windows HWND which are transient data structures with internal resource pointers.





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