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Reading Clinical EEG (.ezdata) file IN MATLAB

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Hassan Nawazish
Hassan Nawazish on 13 Sep 2019
Commented: Hassan Nawazish on 13 Sep 2019
how can we read a clinical EEG that is in .ezdata file format in Matlab. Following is the data from one subject and it shows the Ezdata in the name.i have searched alot but i am unable to find any sort of converter for this format.i have also attached the file which i am trying to read in Matlab in compressed can we read this file in matlab or convert it to some format that is supported by MATLAB.THANKS.The machine used for recording this data is Cadwell Arc Essentia.


Star Strider
Star Strider on 13 Sep 2019
I cannot find any information online about that file extension. I cannot even find out what software creates them.
See if there are other export options in the software, ideally as MATLAB .mat files, although other formats MATLAB can import are also options.
Hassan Nawazish
Hassan Nawazish on 13 Sep 2019
actually i think its .e file and i saw your answer from three years ago ,you mentioned , but the problem is that i am unable to understand that . we are getting this error hassaasasasas.PNG
Hassan Nawazish
Hassan Nawazish on 13 Sep 2019
if possible kindly open the attached data file and apply this method yourself .it will be very efficent way to understand the problem for you.

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