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How can i connect physical ports from one subsystem to another

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Matteo  Costarelli
Matteo Costarelli on 5 Oct 2019
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2020
Hello everyone,
I'm having some problems connecting physical signal ports (Simscape) from one subsystem to the next one. I'm dragging the connection line form port to port, but the connection doesn't appear. The line stays dashed red.
I'm a beginner in Simscape
Thanks in advance for any kind of help
Matteo  Costarelli
Matteo Costarelli on 12 Oct 2019
Problem solved: by the way, in the subsystem on the left I'm using Simscape Power Source blocks while in the one the right I'm using Simscape Electrical Blocks, so I just added V-I Voltage to current Simscape Interface (gnd).

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2020
Hello Matteo,
you've already found the interface blocks that allow you to connect the two electrical simulation technologies. While this can work, in general, the ideal solver for one technology is not the ideal solver for the other. For this reason, we recommend picking one technology, and modelling your full system with that to get better simulation performance and more accurate results. The Interfaces add some delay/filtering which can impace simulation results if not used correctly. For and inverter and BLDC control, both technologies offer equivalent models that would work well. If you provide some specifics about the main goals of your model, I might be able to recommend one over the other. To help with terminology, the black outline blocks are called specizlied power systems, while the blue blocks are simscape. It's confusing since both are inside the simscape electrical toolbox, but the specizlied power systems blocks actually use simulink underneath the hood, which is why they do not need a solver configuraiton.

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