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Ramp up/down function based on the variable input in Simulink/Matlab

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Aung Myat
Aung Myat on 27 Dec 2019
Commented: Aung Myat on 6 Jan 2020
I am kind of new to Simulink and I am having trouble trying to generate an output signal (as attached) which will be ramped up and down to a certain setpoint depending on the input signal. I have tried using the ramp up function with min block but so far this combination could not generate the desired output. The output stops ramping up after it reaches to the first setpoint.
Any suggestions? Your help is really appreciated.


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Aung Myat
Aung Myat on 30 Dec 2019
Hi Raj,
This helps. Btw, is there anyway to set the upperlimit and the lowelimit of the output?
Thank you!
Raj on 30 Dec 2019
Well you can set the final value in your 'Step' block or you can use a saturation block to limit the output within predefined boundaries.

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