How Simulink and Simscape model a particular system differently.

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Is it possible to create a brushless dc motor model in Simulink without using Simscape? Please let me know if there is anything to refer to. It is known that the difference between Simulink and Simscape is that Simulink can be described on a mathematical basis (block diagram) and Simscape can be described on a component basis (physical model). However, I think that this alone is not a reason why it can not be described without Simscape, and that it can be done with Simulink. I want you to point out that your thoughts are strange. We look forward to your response.
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Raj on 14 Jan 2020
Of course you can make a Simulink model (mathematical model) of DC motor. Your question itself clears the air about 'how' Simulink and Simscape model a particular system differently. Just a simple Google search of 'Brushless DC motor Simulink model' will throw a number of results.
Here is one from file exchange for your reference:

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