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Noisy switching - Flicker effect

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Nandagopalan Venugopalan
Nandagopalan Venugopalan on 17 Mar 2020
input - -Continuous signal: binary - 0/1
Signal Details: Fault in system - 0 ; System is normal - 1
this input has to be processed for noise...
Lets say... For some reasons, noise in other systems, tend to switch the input from 1 to 0 but this wont stay long (Flicker effect) let say under 1 sec
What is the best way to create a MBD model, where the o/p will not switch state unless the signal stays in the same state for a pre-defined confirmation time (delta_t).
The easy way I thought of, was to add a integ. matlab func. block and have a wait timer inside.
How to model the same using simulink blocks?
Thanks in advance.

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