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How to generate a PDF tuning report containing text and figures?

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Nigel Davies
Nigel Davies on 22 Nov 2012
I am using a MATLAB script to tune a control system. When the tuning is complete, I would like a report containing text (especially serial number, date/time and the values determined during tuning) and plots, especially transfer functions.
What do to you recommend?
Whatever solution I use should be compatible with the MATLAB compiler so I can distribute my solution to a team of field engineers.
Ideally the report will be a PDF document.
I am not interested in reporting my script, just the results.
The MATLAB report generator does not seem to be the right product as it appears (from the documentation, rather than practice) that I have to break up my script into little pieces and embed them in the report template. My script contains opportunities for the user to intervene and change values or reject the tune if plots don't look right and my hunch is that this will be difficult if the code runs from the report generator. Also, I fear code structure and maintainability will be lost if the code structure is determined by the requirements of the report template.
Please comment if my assumptions are wrong.


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