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Tensor Product According to Input (Dynamically)

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Gözde Üstün
Gözde Üstün on 3 Jul 2020
Commented: Gözde Üstün on 6 Jul 2020
I am trying to use tensor product according to inout number d
How can I write this code better? I am asking that becuase if I have 100 for d I cant write if by hand I want to write more clever things with for but I dont know
function A = td(d)
sigma_x = [0,1;1,0];
if d ==2
A = sigma_x;
if d ==4
A = kron(sigma_x,sigma_x);
if d == 8
A = kron(kron(sigma_x,sigma_x),sigma_x);
if d ==16
A = kron(kron(kron(sigma_x,sigma_x),sigma_x),sigma_x);


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Answers (1)

Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 6 Jul 2020
If your variable sigma_x is 90 rotated eye matrix, then you can use
A = rot90(eye(d));
Good luck

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Gözde Üstün
Gözde Üstün on 6 Jul 2020
my variable first variable is :
0 1
1 0
my second variable is:
1 0
0 -1

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