Huge white space around the plot after saving

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BN on 11 Aug 2020
Commented: Image Analyst on 11 Aug 2020
Hi all,
Unfortunately, after save my figure and paste it in the Microsoft office word I see there is a huge white space around it. I want to make this white space as minimal as possible. I also read the page for saving figures with minimal white space but since I need to save it as -SVG It doesn't help me.
Here is my code:
CC_1 = rand(17, 8);
yvalues = {'Jan.','Feb.','Mar.','Apr.','May','Jun.','Jul.','Aug.','Sep.','Oct.','Nov.','Dec.','Winter','Spring',...
xvalues = {'model1','model2','model3','model4','model5','model6','model7','model8'};
h = heatmap(xvalues,yvalues,CC_1);
% Temporarily change axis units
% (from
originalUnits = h.Units; % save original units (probaly normalized)
h.Units = 'centimeters'; % any unit that will result in squares
% Get number of rows & columns
sz = size(h.ColorData);
% Change axis size & position;
originalPos = h.Position;
% make axes square (not the table cells, just the axes)
h.Position(3:4) = min(h.Position(3:4))*[1,1];
if sz(1)>sz(2)
% make the axis size more narrow and re-center
h.Position(3) = h.Position(3)*(sz(2)/sz(1));
h.Position(1) = (originalPos(1)+originalPos(3)/2)-(h.Position(3)/2);
% make the axis size shorter and re-center
h.Position(4) = h.Position(4)*(sz(1)/sz(2));
h.Position(2) = (originalPos(2)+originalPos(4)/2)-(h.Position(4)/2);
% Return axis to original units
h.Units = originalUnits;
% save figure
set(gcf, 'Units', 'Normalized', 'OuterPosition', [0, 0, .4, .6]);
And here is the figure
Please let me know if there is any way to eliminate white space around my figure since I have more than 60 figures.
Thank you so much

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Aug 2020
Try exportgraphics() instead of print().

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VBBV on 11 Aug 2020
Go to copy options in the figure window and select force transaprent background and uncheck the match figure screen size button ... then click ok
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BN on 11 Aug 2020
Thank you, I do it But unfortunately, nothing changed. Additionally, it would be awesome if it can be done using script 'because I have too many figures.
Thanks again

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