Do you convert the output of DCT Steganography from double into uint8 then to double again before extracting the hidden message?

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Fady Samann
Fady Samann on 13 Aug 2020
In Matlab environment, do you export the output of the Inverse DCT from double to uint8 (to write an image file jpg, png, bmp etc) then reading the resulted image and converted it into double again to extract the hidden message?
The issue is that, the output of the last stage of DCT Steganography is Floating-point numbers and not Integer numbers (0-255).
The message can not be recovered when the Stego-Image exported outside Matlab then reused inside Matlab to extract the message.
My process for hiding is:
DCT --> Quantization --> Embedding the message -->> Dequantization -->Inverse DCT --> Stego-Image (my question)
For extracting the message:
Stego-Image --> DCT --> Quantization --> Extracting the message

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