Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware not working on Raspberry Pi 4B

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Hi Everyone,
I tried to install the Mathworks Raspian Version "mathworks_raspbian_R20.1.0.img" on a Raspberry 4 B - however when inserting the SD card into the raspberry PI 4 it starts to blink with the green led.
green led -> 4 times long and 4 times short
I was able to successfully install a normal raspbian and also the new Ubuntu 20.04 on this raspberry Pi 4. So the SD card slot and the SD card are OK. I also tried different SD cards (for Mathworks Raspian Installation) one with 8GB and one with 256 GB - but I always have the same result - the green led blinking in the 4 slow / 4 fast pattern.
A R2020a Matlab/Simulink with all neccessary toolboxes ist installed.
Has anyone experience a similar problem?
Best regards

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Prasanth Sunkara
Prasanth Sunkara el 7 de Oct. de 2020
8GB RAM variant needs firmware later than R2020a image. You could either use the R2020b version or customize your existing image so that it works with the support package features.
This is done through the Hardware setup process.
For reference, this is lightly mentioned in video Hardware setup at 3:15 mark
The "OS Customization" workflow installs the libraries and packages required for the MATLAB/Simulink support package. After installing them, you could continue with "raspi" MATLAB command or Simulink blocks to develop your applications.

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