How to extract data from one column using the data from the two other columns

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I have data with 3 columns, A B and C. A contains serial dates, and B contains data that corresponds to the serial date in column A. in column C, I have a much shorter column of select serial dates that I have to have the correspoding data for from column B. Is there a way to use column C to search column B and extract only the data that corresponds to the dates in column C?
Column A is all of the serial dates, column B is the soil moisture retrieved on that serial date in column A, and column C are the select serial dates that I need column B values for; so I want to be able to make an array of the column B values that correspond to the selected column C serial dates.
I have having problems putting this question into words properly, so if I was unclear i apologize and I can try to elaborate. Thank you!

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dpb el 3 de Dic. de 2020
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Claire el 4 de Dic. de 2020
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Hello, thanks for your help! this worked, but it returned far less values than i expected
i think it is only when the rows of A and C are adjacent and equal each other. in column C, i am missing a lot of datetimes that are present in A, so the datetimes in C are not organized or aligned with column A. sorry for not being clear about that!
is it possible to do this same process, but with any values of C that match those in A, regardless of whether or not the same dates are in the same row?
dpb el 4 de Dic. de 2020
ismember is position independent.
The problem is more likely one of floating point precision -- try ismembertol

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