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Getting started with simulink tutorial cannot reproduce the results

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Aleem Andrew
Aleem Andrew el 11 de En. de 2021
Comentada: Priyank Pandey el 2 de Mzo. de 2022
I was watching the tutorial at When I click the tune button as shown at time 0:50 of the tutorial, I get the error message
Error evaluating 'MaskDialog' callback of PID 1dof block (mask) 'untitled/PID Controller'. Callback string is 'pidpack.PIDConfig.callbackTuneButton(gcbh)'
Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
Can anyone suggest how this issue can be resolved?
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Priyank Pandey
Priyank Pandey el 2 de Mzo. de 2022
Hi Aleem,
You need to install control design toolbox as well, then it will work.

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