How to set run-time parameter for all simscape(/multibody) blocks in a file?

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krishna teja
krishna teja on 21 Feb 2021
I just realised, by default all simscape (/multibody) blocks' parameters are compile time meaning any changes to any of the blocks' parameters need recompilation of whole model. My model compilation takes about a minute. This hinders leveraging fast-restart and acclerator modes for parameter sweep and optimisation studies. Changing to run-time for every block is laborious. I was wondering if somebody has workaround to set all simscape blocks' parameters in a file to run-time (and change back to compile time)
thanks in advance

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Keerthana Chiruvolu
Keerthana Chiruvolu on 1 Mar 2021
Hi Krishna Teja,
Simscape supports run-time configurability for some, but not all, dialog box parameter of a block.
Only those parameters next to which an enabled run-time setting appears are run-time configurable. The remaining ones are strictly compile-time configurable.
Tip: To view the Run-time option, set your Simscape preferences to show runtime settings. For more information, see Show Simscape Run-Time Parameter Settings.
For more information, refer the link

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