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MatLab Not Working the right way .

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I have just downloaded matlab , and this what i get , how do i fix it ? i have reinstalled it multiple times, but nothing works .
Ainars Cernavskis
Ainars Cernavskis on 11 Mar 2021
@Jan i just double click on it , windows 10. When i first time downloaded it , it didnt even let me open it for some reason , and i did some reaserach and they told me to put -nojvm at the end of the matlab -properties-target setting , and only then it worked but my GUI is like this .

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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 11 Mar 2021
When you start MATLAB with the -nojvm option, MATLAB starts without the normal desktop using this alternate UI. But you said that you were unable to open MATLAB, so let's try to fix that problem. Walk through the steps in this Answers post to see if any of them are the reason MATLAB was unable to start on your machine normally. If you get to the end of the post and MATLAB still cannot open without the -nojvm option, as it suggests please contact Technical Support and work with them to continue investigating the problem.

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