Trouble with dspunfold function

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Chaitanya Awasthi
Chaitanya Awasthi on 18 May 2021
Commented: Chaitanya Awasthi on 29 May 2021
I have been looking into multithreading mex functions and I came across dspunfold function. It looked like the perfect match for what I needed but unfortunately I keep running into different errors. I think I have boiled down my code to the absolute bare-bones so that I can show the two errors that are causing the problems.
  1. Use of setdiff function
  2. Passing empty output
Either of cases 1/ 2 above breaks down the dspunfold function. However, I did not see in the function documentation of dspunfold that talks about this. Interestingly, none of this happens when I use codegen (but the resulting mex file is single threaded). Obviously, neither of the two cases are avoidable for me (it is my nonlcon function within fmincon that I am trying to speed-up). Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated.
function [y,z] = foo()
fixed_dof = [2;3;5;9;55];
all_dof = (1:240)';
free_dof = setdiff(all_dof,sort(fixed_dof));
y= free_dof;
% calling the dspunfold function
dspunfold foo -s auto
Chaitanya Awasthi
Chaitanya Awasthi on 29 May 2021
Sorry, I forgot to update the public on this. I tested the dspunfold function a little more, and while it does speedup the calcuations by at least >= 1.5x (single-threaded vs multi-threaded file), I cannot use this in my fmincon code because it includes latency. This is a deal-breaker for my problem.

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