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Request DICOM files from a DICOM server

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Robert Heaton
Robert Heaton on 16 Jun 2021
Commented: Rik on 16 Jun 2021
I'm looking for information on how to request an image from a DICOM server. This doesn't seem to be covered in the DICOM toolbox functions, and was wondering if there is a different library I should be using, From what I gather, I should be able to send a C-Get command to the server with the image series instance UID and SOP instance UID and get back a image file, similar to an FTP handshake. Has anyone experience with doing this, and if so, what libraries/functions were used?
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Rik on 16 Jun 2021
This sounds like you need the documentation of the server. Once you know what internet protocol messages to send, we might be able to help you implement it.
But feel free to leave the question up, you might be in luck. Dicom filed are horrible enough on their own for me, so I don't envy the task of adding an internet layer.

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