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My ICA topography maps all look the same, blue and yellow with activity reflected in the same region for all topo plots

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Natalia Elizarraras
Natalia Elizarraras on 16 Jun 2021
I am trying to plot the result of ft_componentanalysis with ft_topoplotIC.
cfg = [];
cfg.component= 1:64;
cfg.layout= 'NEAAD".mat'
%my layout file is derived from easycapM1.mat since it has the closest layout to the electrode cap layout I used in my experiemeent.
% However, I manually adjusted the electrode positions to my cap in the lay.pos to match the electrode positions I use
ft_topoplotIC(cfg, comp)
I get these warnings
Duplicate x-y data points detected: using average values for duplicate points.
Warning: could not determine dimord of "comp" in:
label: {64×1 cell}
cfg: [1×1 struct]
topo: [64×1 double]
topodimord: 'chan_comp'
comp: 64
unmixing: [1×64 double]
unmixingdimord: 'chan_topochan'
As mentioned, I do get topgraphy maps but they all look like the same 2 variations as portray in the picture below.
I have attached also my layout file I have used. I am not using eeglab for this as I was instructed not to.

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