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Hello everybody!
I need to use a Raspberry Pi that get data from a ThingSpeak channel in a standalone configuration, but the problem is that functions ThingSpeakRead and webread are not supported. What can I do?
direccion=['' chId '/feeds.json?api_key=' Read '&results=' cPoints];
Function 'webread' not supported for code generation

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Vinicio Moya
Vinicio Moya el 29 de Jun. de 2021
commandStr = [ 'sudo curl -s "' sprintf('%s', Write) '&field1=' sprintf( '%f', dato1 ) ' &field2=' sprintf( '%f', dato2) ' &field3=' sprintf( '%f', dato3) ' &field4=' sprintf( '%f', dato4) ' " ' ];
response = system(mypi, commandStr);

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Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov el 29 de Jun. de 2021
Yes, you are right, webread() does not support code generation. As a workaround, you can use coder.ceval functon to call a hand-written C function that opens the connection, reads and decodes the data, and returns the data back to MATLAB code. It is a bit complicated : you would need to maintain two branches in your MATLAB code, one for normal MATLAB execution, the other one for Raspberry Pi, and use to switch between those.
In order to impelment the C fucntion that does the http read, you can use one of the opensource free HTTP libraries that are available (libcurl is availalbe on raspberry pi?). An alternative is to just invoke curl using system() command. Would this approach work for you?

Vinod el 27 de Jun. de 2021
Editada: Vinod el 27 de Jun. de 2021
Rather than use webread, why not use the blocks in the support package ?

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