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How to deal with asset data having zeros in part when backtesting with 'runBacktest'?

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Doheon Lee
Doheon Lee on 19 Jul 2021
Commented: Doheon Lee on 27 Aug 2021
When backtesting with the functions 'backtestStrategy', 'backtestEngine', and 'runBacktest', I have an issue with an asset data including zeros.
The following code is an example, which equally weights 4 stocks with rebalancing the portfolio every 20 days. The following code works as expeted.
%% create a pseudo stock price table.
d = datetime('2020-01-01'):caldays(1):datetime('2020-12-31'); % create a date array
price = rand(numel(d), 4); % create a pseudo stock prices
% price(:,4) = 0;
priceTT = array2timetable(price, 'RowTimes', d', ...
'VariableNames', {'Stock_A', 'Stock_B', 'Stock_C', 'Stock_d'});
%% create a backtesting strategy which equally weights all stocks and rebalances every 20 days
nAsset = size(priceTT, 2);
initial_weights = ones(1,nAsset) / nAsset;
equalWeightFn = @(~, ~) initial_weights;
strategy = backtestStrategy('EqualWeighting', equalWeightFn, ...
'InitialWeights', initial_weights, ...
'TransactionCosts', 0 , ...
'RebalanceFrequency', 20);
%% create a backtest engine and run backtest.
backtester = backtestEngine(strategy);
bt = runBacktest(backtester, priceTT);
%% summry the backtest result.
However, when the prices of 'Stock_d' is replaced with zeros (please uncomment the third line in the example, "prices(:,4) = 0"), all the backtesting results becomes as below.
TotalReturn NaN
SharpeRatio NaN
Volatility NaN
AverageTurnover NaN
MaxTurnover 0
AverageReturn NaN
MaxDrawdown NaN
AverageBuyCost 0
AverageSellCost 0
Please advise me whey an asset data including a stocks with zeros does not work.
Thank you for any comment in advance.
Doheon Lee
Doheon Lee on 27 Aug 2021
Thank you, Peter and Brenda,
My MATLAB is 2021a, and I still have thie problem. Instead of zeoring for NaN values in a table containing historica stock prices, I replaced NaN with 1e-10, which is close to zero and it works fine. That is, replacing the third line with the following,
price(:,4) = ie-10;
Thank you for the comments. :)

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