Problem 1713. Can you beat the lottery?

Well this one you may not get every time, but it is a lottery! Here is the code that generates the lottery numbers (you can try to use it to your advantage if you can):

    check = 1;
    while check == 1
        D1 = round(rand(1,1)*5+1);
        D2 = round(rand(1,1)*5+1);
        D3 = round(rand(1,1)*5+1);
        draw = sort([D1 D2 D3]);
        if size(unique(fn), 2) == 3
            check = 0;

So "draw" is the draw that is made. It is made up of 3 numbers between 1 and 5. Note that the numbers do not repeat. SO an example of an input is:

lottery = [4 3 5];

Now the odds are 1 in 10 (or at least that is the total combinations that can occur), so if you get it exactly you win! (you win the correct answer...)

Good luck, and please play responsibly...

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