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Load Excel file contents as a structure


Updated 20 May 2010

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xls2struct Load Excel file contents as a structure
xlsstruct = xls2struct(file) loads the Excel file 'file'. The first row is
used to generate the field names for the 1x1 structure xlsstruct. Each
column (excluding the first row) is then converted to a numeric/cell
array and assigned to the corresponding field name. All columns are
expected to have equal number of entries.

xlsstructArray = xls2struct(file,'structArray') will return a 1xNumCol
structure array xlsstructArray. The kth element of the structure will
have field names corresponding to the first row and values corresponding
to the kth row.

GENVARNAME is used to generate a valid MATLAB structure field name from
the first row data.

Blank entries are returned as 'NaN'.

Platform support is dependent on XLSREAD.

%Example: Given this Excel file content (9 columns, 5 rows):

%one two three four ' ' six se ven
%1 2 3 6 7
%11 22 three
% seven
% 222 33

% Where:
%' = 1 11 NaN NaN
% xlsStruct.two' = 2 22 NaN 222
% xlsStruct.three' = [3] 'three' [NaN] [33]
% xlsStruct.four' = NaN NaN NaN NaN
% xlsStruct.x' = NaN NaN NaN NaN
% xlsStruct.six' = 6 NaN NaN NaN
% xlsStruct.seVen' = [7] [NaN] 'seven' [NaN]

% Where:
% xlsStructArray =
% 1x4 struct array with fields:
% one
% two
% three
% four
% x
% six
% seVen

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Ashish Uthama (2020). xls2struct (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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I guess there is a small bug in the code. Try creating first column with numbers, second with strings and third with numbers..

This part needs a change to fix the bug:
%this column only contains numbers, use arrays

Lube F

Thanks, looks great. Given it has the same name as XLS2STRUCT by Andreas 29 Oct 2003 (Updated 28 Jan 2005) it's a pity it doesn't have the same functionality i.e. the option to specify the worksheet! It's easy to edit the function myself, but it would be great if others didn't have to. Cheers.


* Fixed bug when first column is all text. (num matrix returned by XLSREAD has one less column)

* significant rewrite - add support to return structure arrays

* suppressed inconsequential mlints
* fixed bug while handling mixed type of data ( ex: 1 2 'a' 'b')

*Use dynamic structure field names instead of eval
*More flexibility for input data format in excel sheet

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2010a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: xls2mat