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GETTHETANGENT returns the slope and the intercept of the tangent to a curve.


Updated 16 Apr 2009

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GETTHETANGENT draws the tangent to a curve at a point that the user chooses by a mouse-click and displays a text-box giving the slope and the y-intercept value of this tangent in the current axes.

GETTHETANGENT(H) gives the focus to the axes whose the handle is H and processes in theses axes.

[SLOPE, INTERCEPT]=GETTHETANGENT returns the slope and the Y-intercept of the tangent to a curve belonging to the current axes and at a point friendly choosen by the user.

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Jean-Luc Dellis (2021). GETTHETANGENT (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (3)

Sivabalan Selvarajan

Good Work. helped me a lot

Syed Umair Uddin

Nice work


Very useful! Should be standard as part of the datatip in Matlab.

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