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Vectorized Transpose Matrix

version (1.35 KB) by Zachary Danziger
Creates an orthogonal permutation matrix for tensor and linear algebra manipulations.

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Updated 24 Feb 2010

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The vectorized transpose matrix, Tmn, is the matrix that permutes the vectorization of an m#n matrix A into its transpose vectorization. For example, if the vectorization of A is defined as vec(A), or A(:), then Tmn*vec(A) = vec(A').

The vectorized transpose matrix can be used to reverse the order of arguments to the otherwise non-commutative Kronecker product.

>> m=2;n=3;p=4;q=2;
>> A = rand(m,n); B = rand(p,q);
>> isequal(TvecMat(p,m)*kron(A,B)*TvecMat(n,q),kron(B,A))
ans =

For other useful properties of the vectorized transpose matrix, see:

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