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Files Associated with the Video "Creating a Simulink Block Using MATLAB Code"

The files in this submission are used in the video "Creating a Simulink Block Using MATLAB Code"


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This contains the following files:
README.txt - a text file that explains how to get the C++ driver code that will be used in the MATLAB class and where to put it
TouchSensor.m - a MATLAB class derived from the matlab.System and coder.ExternalDependency classes
touchSensor_wrapper.cpp - a C wrapper file for a C++ driver
touchSensor_wrapper.h - a header file that defines the prototypes for the C wrapper functions
TouchSensor.png - an image used on the mask of the Simulink Block created using the MATLAB class
getTouchSensorRootPath.m - a MATLAB function that will return the location to which this folder is extracted
Creating a Simulink Block Guide.pdf - a document that explains the steps used to create a Simulink block from the MATLAB class and C/C++ code
While the example used required Embedded Coder and many other products, the process can be used with only MATLAB and Simulink installed.

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@sandhya, I have created the following question on MATLAB Answers for you:


Can you please explain the process of creating simulink block for a hardware whose .dll file is provided?

thanking you in advance


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