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xmlmesh is a Matlab function to format triangulated mesh data for xml file output.


Updated 17 Aug 2015

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xmlmesh() takes a set of 2D or 3D vertices (vrts) and a tetrahedral (tets)
connectivity list, and creates an XML file of the mesh. This function was
originally created to export xml mesh files for using in Fenics:Dolfin
but can be adapted for universal xml export of triangulated meshes.
Useage Definitions

creates an XML file 'xmlmesh.xml' from a set of vertices "vrts"
and a connectivity list; here the connectivity list is referred
to as "tets". These parameters can be generated manually, or by
using matlab's builtin triangulation functions. The point list
"vrts" is a matrix with dimensions Mx2 (for 2D) or Mx3 (for 3D).
The matrix "tets" represents the triangulated connectivity list
of size Mx3 (for 2D) or Mx4 (for 3D), where M is the number of
triangles. Each row of tets specifies a triangle defined by indices
with respect to the points. The delaunayTriangulation function
can be used to quickly generate these input variables:
TR = delaunayTriangulation(XYZ);
vrts = TR.Points;
tets = TR.ConnectivityList;

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Brad (2020). subroutines/xmlmesh (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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