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version 1.0 (3.09 KB) by Dr.Vijay Dudhal
“Electroencephalography (EEG) Signal Enhancement and Analysis"


Updated 27 Jan 2016

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The main Objective of this project is EEG signal processing and analysis of it. So it includes the following steps:
1. Collection the database (brain signal data).
2. Development of effective algorithm for denoising of EEG signal.
3. Processing the data using effective algorithm.
4. Develop effective algorithm for analyzing the EEG signal in Time-Frequency.
5. Classify EEG signal by frequency analyzing
6. Signal processing and analysis will be done by using MATLAB.

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Nira Hdez

This is so useful! I had applied to my data and it works, but in order to understand what I am doing I have a question for you: If my sampling frequency is fs=1000 Hz (in the script is 500), would i need to change the number of levels in the wavelet deconvolution?
Thanks a lot for your script!

I am getting error in the beginning line " load eegdata.mat line


Probin Gupta

pease send the data

Mr Bhan.

Your code has errors, just loaded a sample eegdata and got max alpha, beta, delta range in 2000 hz when the data was filtered from .1 hz to 30 hz..
Could you justify the answer.. if all the value had a common value of alpha, beta, delta for no alpha/beta/delta detected then could justify that that was not the case...
So no stars for NOW

vinay reddy

Dr.Vijay Dudhal

For Real time database free to contact

Shweta malve

it would be great if you could share the eegdata.mat file

Abu Saleh Musa Miah

i can provide eeg.mat data , please email me, thanks

Ozge Demirkan

Hello in my matlab i couldnt run please help

please share eegdata.mat

muhibul islam

share the eegdata.mat

where is eegdata.mat..............???

Alok Sarkar


C3 will be s.


i am beginner in MATLAB and i am using neurosky sensor for getting the eeg data in terms of attention so how i am bale to get the alpha beta signal in matlab plotting.please help me i need this in my project.

yasmine amr

Jason Grills

Code present, but no sample data.

Hello. I am beginner in MATLAB. I would like to know how did you get the data to import. I mean what was the process? For example when I import audio file I use Audacity to record it. Now in this case how can I acquire the brain signals to import in MATLAB? I didn't understand the very first line. I would be really grateful if you could explain it. Thanks in advance

Arnob Kumar

Please share the sample data as well

Shaurya Goel

Shaurya Goel

beshoy mofed

Error in sample (line 1)
load eegdata.mat;

how can i fix this error pls ???

Shaurya Goel

Please provide sample data

Imad Ahmed Tungekar

eegdata.mat is not available. please share

Imad Ahmed Tungekar

No sample data available

Farzan Majeed Noori

no sample data

Mani Khanuja

Please share the sample data as well. So that its easy to run, visualize the results and understand the data format. Once the data format is understood, I can transform my eeg data and see how if it suits my need.

afshin shoeibi

Akshay Dudhal



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