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ASD Full Range Spectroradiometer Jump Correction

version (51.4 KB) by Andy Hueni
Correct jumps between VNIR-SWIR1-SWIR2 channels of ASD Spectroradiometers


Updated 12 Oct 2018

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Uses empirical correction coefficients to correct for temperature related radiometric inter-channel steps occurring in spectral data collected by Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) spectroradiometers.
For more information please see:
Hueni, A. and Bialek, A. (2017). "Cause, Effect and Correction of Field Spectroradiometer Inter-channel Radiometric Steps." IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 10(4): 1542-1551.

Note: This code may fail is the inter-channel steps are caused by field of view inhomogeneities rather than thermal effects! It is only designed to deal with thermal effects. For details see the discussion section in our paper.

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Andy Hueni (2020). ASD Full Range Spectroradiometer Jump Correction (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Still don't find function


Added special handling of negative radiances in the VNIR, presumably introduced by dark current correction issues in the ASD instrument. These artefacts may appear when measuring water or other targets largely absorbing radiance in the NIR.

Added handling for rare cases where two valid temperatures are found in quadratic model

Added handling for noise or model limited spectra: allows e.g. the processing of spectra like water where the jump size is lost in the noise.

- Updated scientific reference
- Added FOV issue to description

New ZIP file should contain all updates I wanted to upload before ...

- added missing function: get_closest_wvl_index.m

Corrected the function name for the iterative call.

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