Synchronous machine steady state and small signal modeling GUI

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GUI for synchronous machine modeling and tuning

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The purpose of this GUI is to help the user quickly compute the steady state values and small signal models of a three-phase synchronous machine with 2 damper windings connected in a number of configurations, and then quickly tune governor and exciter controllers. The machine model is based on a 7th order model, more details of which can be found in the pdf paper “Model Identification of Dynamic Microgrids and Controller Optimization with High Fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop Platform” in the same folder as this file. GUI was built using GUIDE on MATLAB 2014a.
To run GUI, download all files in to one folder and place the MATLAB folder context to include all files in the downloaded folder. To start the GUI simply run the m-file called "gui_synchronous_machine.m" . Machine parameters are defined if you hover above them with the mouse (whilst the text field is enabled). Furthermore, you will find more detailed parameter definitions in the updated "help" pdf file (as from v1.2). The nomenclature is based on the work of P.C. Krause. Thanks to Lisa Kartinger ( for the constructive parameter definition comment.
Your comments and constructive criticism will be appreciated.

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