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- Functions for a colormap which you like
- Complementary color will be defined automatically.
* Demo of Gabor and Gaussian Colormap Visualization below
** Template colormap, viridis, magma etc. is not equal to matplotlib's one.
%% Demo code
x = linspace(-pi, pi, 256);
[xx, yy] = meshgrid(x, x);
% G = fspecial('gaussian', 256, 20);
G = exp(-1*(xx.^2 + yy.^2)/2*(2^2));
G = G./max(G(:));
S = sin(xx*pi);
for i = 1:3 %% making R, G, B colormap
tcol = [0 0 0];
tcol(i) = .5;
imagesc(G.*S); colormap(gca, polcmap(128, tcol));
colorbar; axis image; axis off
imagesc(G); colormap(gca, wcmap(128, tcol));
colorbar; axis image; axis off
2018/02/02 R.Takeuchi
2018/10/16 - add some template colormap, see demo.m for checking usage

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Inspirado por: Red Blue Colormap

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bug fix


add some template colormap, see demo.m for checking usage

2018/02/05 add additional demo and bug fix
add functions for black to color