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The repository for the xflr2nx project code and associated files.


Updated 21 Sep 2019

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The program pre-loads a directory of DAT files, before using a GUI to ask for an XML file to convert. It then outputs a series of DAT files which are adjusted and can be imported directly into Siemens NX, and renders a preview of the plane which has been processed.
Upon first install, the user should run "xflr2nx setup" at the command line, which will generate the necessary folders - a folder for DATs, a folder for XMLs, and an output folder. All required DAT files and XML files should be moved into the respective folders, before "xflr2nx reload" is run. From now on, every time the DAT folder is modified the reload command should be run.
To use the function, now just type "xflr2nx" at the command line and follow the GUI instructions. The 'Choose XML' dialog provides three options: 'Shift Sections', which adds the relative positions of the plane sections to the modified coordinates (they will otherwise be centred on the origin); 'Fancy Graphics', which currently only renders the output preview with solid lines rather than points, but can improve performance on slower machines; and 'Show Axes', which turns the axes on and off in the output preview.
Includes a nested version of submission 58700, which is based on the acknowledged file.

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Having the same problem as Martin. The aerofoils are in the DAT Files folder and I've run xflr2nx reload several times. I'm using R2017a, so I can't figure out what's going wrong

Hi Martin, this issue is usually resolved by checking the correct aerofoil is present in your "DAT Files" folder, and running "xflr2nx reload" before running "xflr2nx". If you're using a release before R2016b, then this issue is programmatic, and will be patched in the next update.

How do I fix "There is no data for aerofoil file."?


Updated the UI to be a single page.

Stabilised v2, and freed up the command window whilst the graphics are running.

Unfortunately, end-to-end importing is proving troublesome, so is going to be delayed to a later version. Our apologies!

More critical fixes.

Fixed a critical issue with backwards compatibility.

Pre-release 1 for version 2.0.0, which will support end-to-end importing into NX. This moves the entire function to the newer App Designer methods for generating interfaces, as well as maintaining legacy UI for now (this will be removed).

Minor bug fixes.

Language support, change using "xflr2nx config lang xx_XX" where xx_XX is the code for the language you want (currently valid entries are en_GB, en_US, ge_DE or es_ES). Adjusted fancy graphics, added preference saving, and added auto-reload option.

Added support for the 'Biplane' feature of XFLR, as well as fixing issues with wings which didn't start at the origin, and wing angle of attack. Otherwise, only minor bug fixes.

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Created with R2018b
Compatible with R2017b to R2018b
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