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Aircraft Intuitive Design (AID)

version (9.15 MB) by Zak Lietzau
An academic tool intended to assist in developing an intuitive understanding of aircraft design.


Updated 06 Apr 2018

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By interfacing user-friendly aircraft modeling with rapid aerodynamic analysis, this program visually depicts how various design parameters affect the way an airplane flies. A video demonstrating some of the code's capabilities can be found on the MathWorks website at

In addition to built-in, linearized stability approximations that are updated every time the aircraft model is adjusted, the program interfaces with the following software for more advanced analysis:
• Digital DATCOM – U.S. Air Force
• Tornado Vortex Lattice Method – Tomas Melin (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
• AVL (Athena Vortex Lattice Method) – Mark Drela and Harold Youngren (MIT)

This program also gains added functionality from the following open source software:
• DATCOM Plot Interpolation Functions – Prof. Glenn Greiner and Lenny Gartenberg (ERAU, Daytona Beach, FL)
• AVL Input/Output Functions – Joseph Moster (Mathworks File Exchange)
• Datcomimport – MathWorks Aerospace Toolbox – loads DATCOM "for006.dat" file
• NACA456 – Ralph Carmichael (PDAS) – calculates NACA 6-series airfoil ordinates

Please refer to the documentation for information regarding how to use the program (Help > User's Manual)

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Zak Lietzau (2021). Aircraft Intuitive Design (AID) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (58)

nevermind, fixed, you need to install any toolbox required :-)

Pooja Sivadasan

Is it possible to add more than two propellers?

Alireza Ghaderi

Perfect App...
Why not showing lateral stability in the app?

Alireza Ghaderi

Anyone has a problem with 2021a?
I get error while opening the initial gui.m

Dyuman Joshi

Harshad Donawade

Kevin Wang

can can

I realized that AIDApp.m file is blank? Is there something wrong with that?

xiaoqing chen

Where is the Results and how to access the Results?


I am using the on line version of matlab, i download the app,but cant open it, how can be done?

Andres Cimino

Found another issue running in linux. There's no compiled datcom file to run , so no output file is produced. I'll try to modify the code and include a compiled executable file to run datcom. But I believe the source code of the original datcom was modified to write output files differently. If DATCOM's source was changed, where can I find it, to compile it for Linux? thanks!

Andres Cimino

Nevermind, I found the solution. CASEID must be written in the first line of the .dat DATCOM input file, this is not required for the "traditional" datcom .inp input file.

Murat Susel

Hello Zak,
What can be the reason that I can't use ' fuselage design ' on my PC? There opens a white page only!

Edoardo Sassi

Jackson Chee

尝试将 SCRIPT alpha 作为函数执行:

出错 Profile_Sketcher (line 211)

出错 Initialize_GUI>Release (line 2353)

计算 Figure WindowButtonUpFcn 时出错
Is this because of the lack of any toolboxes?

Hany Hussein

david david

can I have Matlab code, please??

Richard Ruff

Hi Zak,
Running this in R2020B I received an error when trying to select the wing on the Cessna 172. I could select the body, but any other component generated an error. I don't know if this is an issue with the Cessna 172 example (I did not try other examples) or an issue running in R2020B.

b z

黑鸟啊 牛逼啊 怎么加不上啊?

Petr Larin

Great APP! Thanks!

Junming Chen

没话说 论文减少一大半工作量 牛逼

wurui xue



Deshik Reddy

jinzhao xiao

hua le

fan fan

paul singirok




Ahsan iqbal

Herren Thomas D'Souza

phuc nguyen

Nick Varnavas

HIgh Tech Man

Andrew Van Doren

Does anybody know how I would model an airplane with two tails similar to the P-38?

Can anyone help me on why I am not able to load the saved file? When ever I try to load it says "Interpolation requires at least two sample points in each dimension." and it also gives me error in evaluating menu call back. Is there anyway that some one can help me on this.
Thank you

Zhibi Lyu

fie xie
15 Feb 2019





Hi Thomas, I am not encountering any errors at all. I think you simply need to install the toolboxes mentioned before continuing. This is a great addon.


Vivian Dewei

Hi Thomas, I am not encountering any errors at all. I think you simply need to install the toolboxes mentioned before continuing. This is a great addon.

Xi Chen

Xi Chen

eeee dd


Thomas Langer

I am also getting the "range" error, which states I need the Machine Learning Toolbox or Antenna Toolbox.

Any fix for this?

nour eldein

Robert Love

fie xie


Justin Smith

Is there a way to import bodies such as an airfoil or pre-designed fuselage?

kai yue

Victor Quezada

This is a great piece of code! Is it for real? ;-) Keep up the good work.

dominic diston

I just can't get this to work under 2018b. Loads of Ui callback errors. No fuselage Is this a free-standing app or is there something else that I need? Can't seen to get the appropriate "range.m".

Greatful for any help.

Connell D'Souza


Keep on the good work , please check


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Compatible with any release
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