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Calculate the MTF from a tilted edge or tilted slit


Updated 27 Apr 2018

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MTFdh is a series of Matlab functions used for the calculation of the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF). The theory behind these functions is described in 2018 SPIE proceeding 10625-5 and forms the basis behind NVLabCap’s MTF imaging evaluation software.
Some example images and a few example calling scrips are also provided:
1. AngleVariation.m : examples of how MTFdh behaves with angle
2. NoiseTest.m : demonstration of confidence interval predictions for MTF
3. ColorImageExample.m : Through-the-Bayer pattern MTF, showing how defective pixels are used
4. LoadExampleMTF2dDataSet.m : Load and calculate data from 2018 SPIE proceeding 10625-20

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David Haefner

@jeonghoon-hyun, I apologize for the confusion. The first popup allows for contrast adjustment, when satisfied, close the adjust contrast (Figure 121212) tool. After this, a region of interest (imrect) box will appear, when you are satisfied with the location, double click on the boundaries of the box. Let me know if you any other questions or issues

Jeonghoon Hyun

@David Haefner, when I run 'SelectROI_CalcMTF.m' and just close two figures w/o any adjustment, there is an error 'numel(pos1)=0'. Should I take some actions when figures are popped up?

David Haefner

@ xie sivan, thank you for your comment, I have corrected the issue

xie sivan

Hi, when I run NoiseTest.m,there are errors 'in line 142 there is no LBobs ' and ' in line 143 there is no UBobs '

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Inspired: IR Noise Evaluation

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