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Nonlinear Non-Uniformity Correction and Emulation

version 1.0.1 (13.9 KB) by David Haefner
Tools for per-pixel NUC determination and per-pixel forward modeling


Updated 07 May 2020

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Methods for emulation, fitting a per-pixel polynomial (y=a0+a1*x+…ak*x^k) for m measurements is provided, where x is a known independent variable (temperature, flux), and y is the pixels response). Centering and scaling of the x variable is accommodated. Additionally, a power-law can also be fit in the forward direction. For correction, a polynomial is used to drive the response to the desired, (ymed=a0+a1*y+…ak*y^k), where y is the pixels response, and ymed is the desired response.
Additional details of methods and rationale found in:
Nonlinear Pixel Non-Uniformity: Emulation and Correction, SPIE DCS 2019

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David Haefner (2021). Nonlinear Non-Uniformity Correction and Emulation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired: IR Noise Evaluation

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