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Vallabha Hampiholi

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Vallabha Hampiholi (Member of IEEE) is currently working as Software Developer with Harman Becker Automotive Division of Harman International in Bangalore. He is currently working on car infotainment systems. He has 10+ years of industry experience in integrating, implementing, testing and optimizing audio/video standards for embedded platforms. He has worked on designing, implementing and optimizing popular Audio, Imaging and Video standards like MP3, AAC, JPEG, JPEG2000, MPEG-4 and H264. His research interests include Digital Filter Design, Data Compression, Digital Image/Video Watermarking, Face Recognition and Wavelets. Vallabha has done his BE in EC from Kuvempu University, India and has a ME degree in Electronics System from La Trobe University, Australia.
Professional Interests: Audio Post Processing, H.264, AAC, TI DSP, DMB, DVD Playback


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Median Filtering
Median Filter, Removing noise with Laplacian distribution, Laplace Filter

más de 9 años ago | 4 downloads |


Moving Average Filter
Implementation of Moving Average filter.

más de 9 años ago | 13 downloads |


Sampling Rate Conversion (Interpolation/Decimation)
The program does interpolation or decimation on a given 1-d data in an array.

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1-D Covolution
1-D Covolution

más de 9 años ago | 2 downloads |


Polar - Cartesian Coversion
Polar to Complex and vice versa.

más de 9 años ago | 1 download |


Entropy Calculator
Calculates entropy for data (probability of events) in an array.

más de 9 años ago | 4 downloads |


MP3 Player (GUI)
Can add multiple files to the playlist and play a selected song.

casi 10 años ago | 4 downloads |


Lossy Image Compression
This function takes in a image and compresses it using block truncation coding.

casi 13 años ago | 4 downloads |


Digital Image Watermarking
Describes watermarking techniques.

casi 13 años ago | 7 downloads |