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Hassan Mehmood Khan

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I am a passionate teacher and trainer in the field of Mechatronics. Same time i am doing my Masters in Singal & Systems.

I have intermediate skills for PLC,PIC and Arduino programming with Systems Design.


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Matlab 2019b don't recognise "Data Acquisition Commands"
I have been trying to connect NI USB 6009 to Matlab 2019b Session base commands are recognised I want to send Digital OUT sig...

alrededor de 1 año ago | 1 answer | 1



Why is the figure not displaying anything ?

más de 3 años ago | 0

Why is the figure not displaying anything ?
# Need to remove unit8 from the newImg(i,j) . # It is not defined earlier in the programme. # The figure in last command , nee...

más de 3 años ago | 0

How to display a grid in Simulink 2017a
Simulink.sdi.setSubPlotLayout(r,c) sets the grid layout of plots in the Simulation Data Inspector using the specified numbe...

casi 4 años ago | 0


How can i measure reflection of light from plastic or paper images using cam ?
I am writing a code to capture image of paper/plastic objects using logitech cam. I am able to connect take pictures, but i wan...

casi 4 años ago | 1 answer | 0



taking input from two cameras at a same time in Matlab
i did this to get snapshot from two cams at same time: % webcamlist identification clc; clearvars; webcamlist ...

alrededor de 4 años ago | 1


How to categorize paper / plastic image is 2D or 3D object in image ?
I am developing a program to categorise image of paper or plastic object, (Flat or scrambled paper). After taking image , i ne...

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image capture with inbuilt laptop camera
Install "OS Generic Video Interface" <</matlabcentral/answers/uploaded_files/77295/2.jpg>> <</matlabcentral/answers/up...

más de 4 años ago | 4

How can I get imaqtool to use an integrated camera?
Goto Home>Add-Ons>Get Hardware Support Packages>Install from Internet>OS Generic Video Interface Action=Install <</matlab...

más de 4 años ago | 1

Webcam Device ID 1 is in use , how to solve it?
I was having the same problem. but i was able to solve it. Used the following code: clc; clear; close all; objects = imaqfind ...

más de 4 años ago | 9

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