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Downlink Physical Signals

5G NR primary and secondary synchronization signals (PSS and SSS) and reference signals (DM-RS for PBCH and PDSCH, PT-RS for PDSCH, and CSI-RS)

Primary and secondary downlink synchronization signals are used by the user equipment (UE) to obtain the cell identity and frame timing. The UE uses the demodulation reference signal (DM-RS) and the channel state information reference signal (CSI-RS) to aid channel estimation and to support measurements. For phase noise compensation, the UE uses the PDSCH phase tracking reference signal (PT-RS).


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nrPSSGenerate PSS symbols
nrPSSIndicesGenerate PSS resource element indices
nrSSSGenerate SSS symbols
nrSSSIndicesGenerate SSS resource element indices
nrPDSCHDMRSGenerate PDSCH DM-RS symbols
nrPDSCHDMRSIndicesGenerate PDSCH DM-RS indices
nrPDSCHDMRSConfigPDSCH DM-RS configuration parameters
nrPBCHDMRSGenerate PBCH DM-RS symbols
nrPBCHDMRSIndicesGenerate PBCH DM-RS resource element indices
nrCSIRSGenerate CSI-RS symbols
nrCSIRSIndicesGenerate CSI-RS resource element indices
nrCSIRSConfigCSI-RS configuration parameters
nrPDSCHPTRSGenerate PDSCH PT-RS symbols
nrPDSCHPTRSIndicesGenerate PDSCH PT-RS Indices
nrPDSCHPTRSConfigPDSCH PT-RS configuration parameters
nrCarrierConfigCarrier configuration parameters
nrResourceGridGenerate empty carrier slot resource grid


Synchronization Signal Blocks and Bursts

Generate multiple 5G NR synchronization signal blocks (SSBs) to form a synchronization signal burst (SS burst).

NR Channel Estimation Using CSI-RS

Perform channel estimation using CSI-RS symbols and indices mapped into a carrier resource grid.

5G NR CSI-RS Measurements

Learn how to measure the CSI-RSRP, CSI-RSSI, and CSI-RSRQ using the CSI-RS.

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