Rectangular waveguide, rectangular horn antenna

Waveguides and horn antennas come under the classification of aperture antennas. and are most commonly used at microwave frequencies. Such antennas are used in space applications. Horn antennas are used as feeding elements for large radio astronomy, satellite tracking, and communication dishes. These antennas are also used in phase array applications.


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waveguideSlottedCreate slotted waveguide antenna
waveguideCreate rectangular waveguide
waveguideCircularCreate circular waveguide
waveguideRidgeCreate ridged waveguide antenna
hornCreate horn antenna
hornConicalCreate conical horn antenna
hornConicalCorrugatedCreate conical corrugated-horn antenna


showDisplay antenna or array structure; display shape as filled patch
infoDisplay information about antenna or array
hornangle2sizeEquivalent flare width and flare height from flare angles