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Open settings panel for ASIO driver



asiosettings opens the settings panel for the ASIO driver associated with the default audio device.


asiosettings(deviceName) opens the settings panel for the ASIO driver associated with the audio device, deviceName.


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Create an audio I/O object, audioPlayerRecorder. Call asiosettings with the device associated with audioPlayerRecorder as the argument.

playRec = audioPlayerRecorder;

Call the asiosettings function with no arguments.


To optimize latency when using an ASIO driver, set the buffer size of the ASIO driver to the buffer size of your audio I/O object. In this example, assume the input to your audio device writer is 64 samples per frame. This example requires a Windows machine and an ASIO driver.

Create an audioDeviceWriter System object™. Open the ASIO settings panel for an ASIO-compatible device associated with your device writer.

deviceWriter = audioDeviceWriter('Driver','ASIO');

On the machine in this example, the following dialog opens:

The dialog that opens is specific to your ASIO driver. Set the ASIO buffer size to the desired size, 64.

The latency is now minimized for the frame size of 64 samples. If you want to measure the reduction in latency specific to your system, follow the steps in the Measure Audio Latency example.

Input Arguments

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Name of ASIO-compatible device, specified as a character vector or string. If deviceName is not specified, the default ASIO-compatible device is used.

To view a list of valid ASIO device names on your machine, use getAudioDevices on an audioPlayerRecorder, audioDeviceReader('Driver','ASIO'), or audioDeviceWriter('Driver','ASIO') object.

Data Types: char | string


  • asiosettings is compatible only on Windows machines with ASIO drivers. ASIO drivers do not come pre-installed with Windows.

  • asiosettings returns an error if called with a locked audio device. For example:

    aDR = audioDeviceReader('Driver','ASIO');
    Error using audio_asiosettings
    PortAudio Error: Device unavailable
    Error in asiosettings (line 77)

Version History

Introduced in R2017b