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Spatial image for microarray data


maimage(X, FieldName)
H = maimage(...)
[H, HLines] = maimage(...)
maimage(..., 'PropertyName', PropertyValue,...)
maimage(..., 'Title', TitleValue)
maimage(..., 'ColorBar', ColorBarValue)
maimage(..., 'HandleGraphicsPropertyName' PropertyValue)


X A microarray data structure.
FieldName A field in the microarray data structure X.
TitleValueA character vector or string to use as the title for the plot. The default title is FieldName.
ColorBarValueProperty to control displaying a color bar in the Figure window. Enter either true or false. The default value is false.


maimage(X, FieldName) displays an image of field FieldName from microarray data structure X. Microarray data can be GenPix Results (GPR) format. After creating the image, click a data point to display the value and ID, if known.

H = maimage(...) returns the handle of the image.

[H, HLines] = maimage(...) returns the handles of the lines used to separate the different blocks in the image.

maimage(..., 'PropertyName', PropertyValue,...) defines optional properties using property name/value pairs.

maimage(..., 'Title', TitleValue) allows you to specify the title of the plot. The default title is FieldName.

maimage(..., 'ColorBar', ColorBarValue), when ColorBarValue is true, a color bar is shown. If ColorBarValue is false, no color bar is shown. The default is for the color bar to be shown.

maimage(..., 'HandleGraphicsPropertyName' PropertyValue) allows you to pass optional Handle Graphics® property name/value pairs to the function. For example, a name/value pair for color could be maimage(..., 'color' 'r').


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Read in a sample GPR file.

madata = gprread('mouse_a1wt.gpr');

Plot the median foreground intensity for the 635 nm channel.

maimage(madata,'F635 Median')

Alternatively, create a similar plot using more basic graphics commands.

F635Median = magetfield(madata,'F635 Median');

Change the colormap to one of the preset colors (for details, see map) and add a color bar.


Change the colormap to red and green.


You can also change the color interpolation method.


Reset the colormap to the default value.


Version History

Introduced before R2006a