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Characteristic information about multiband combining

Since R2021b



mbcInfo = info(multibandcombiner) returns a structure containing characteristic information about the multiband combiner.


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Create a mutliband combiner System object™ and show the characteristic information for the configured object.

Create a multiband combine object. Use the info object function to view the characteristic information.

mutlibandcombiner = comm.MultibandCombiner()
mutlibandcombiner = 
  comm.MultibandCombiner with properties:

           InputSampleRate: 1000000
          FrequencyOffsets: [0 1000000]
    OutputSampleRateSource: 'Auto'

ans = struct with fields:
    OutputSampleRate: 3000000
               Delay: 36

Input Arguments

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Multiband combiner, specified as a comm.MutlibandCombiner System object.

Output Arguments

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Multiband combiner characteristic information, returned as a structure containing these fields. The multiband combiner is specified by the input multibandcombiner.

Sample rate of the output signal in Hz, returned as a positive scalar.

Delay between input and output signals in samples at the output sampling rate.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b

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