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Configure O-QPSK IEEE 802.15.4 transmission

Since R2023a


The lrwpanOQPSKConfig object is a configuration object for the WPAN O-QPSK physical layer (PHY) format of IEEE® 802.15.4. Higher layer standards, such as ZigBee®, use this PHY. For a detailed description of the waveform format, see [1].



cfgHRP = lrwpanOQPSKConfig creates a configuration object that initializes transmit parameters for an O-QPSK IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee waveform.


cfgHRP = lrwpanOQPSKConfig(Name=Value) sets properties using one or more name-value arguments. For example, lrwpanOQPSKConfig(PSDULength=64) specifies a PSDU length of 64 bytes.


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Center frequency of operating range in MHz, specified as 780, 868, 915, 2380, or 2450. The configuration object uses this property when determining the spreading factor and filtering type.

Data Types: double | single

Number of samples per chip pulse, specified as an even positive integer. The configuration object uses this property when determining the number of samples used to construct a filtered O-QPSK chip.

Data Types: double | single

Length of the PHY service data unit (PSDU) in bytes, specified as a positive integer in the range [0, 127].

Data Types: double | single

Sample rate of the output waveform in Hz, specified as a positive scalar.

Data Types: double | single


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Generate random data for a PHY Service Data Unit (PSDU) payload. Create an OQPSK IEEE 802.15.4 lrwpanOQPSKConfig object. Create an OQPSK IEEE 802.15.4 waveform.

       psdu = randi([0,1],127*8,1);
       spc = 8;
       cfgOQPSK = lrwpanOQPSKConfig( ...
           SamplesPerChip=spc, ...
           PSDULength=length(psdu)/8); % PSDU length in bytes

Generate an OQPSK IEEE 802.15.4 waveform by using the lrwpanWaveformGenerator function and cfgOQPSK configuration object. The waveform generator loops PSDU length as needed to use all input PSDU payload bits. Display the waveform by using the eyediagram function.

       waveOQPSK = lrwpanWaveformGenerator(psdu,cfgOQPSK);
       eyediagram(waveOQPSK(1+spc:end-spc), 2*spc);


[1] IEEE STD 802.15.4-2020, IEEE Standard for Low-Rate Wireless Networks. May 2020.

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Introduced in R2023a

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