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Cuboid Scenario Simulation

Test automated driving algorithms using cuboid-based scenarios and detections from radar, camera, and lidar sensor models

Developing automated driving systems requires sensor data from realistic traffic scenarios. By generating synthetic sensor detections from simulated driving scenarios, you can quickly test your controllers or sensor fusion algorithms and adjust the scenario. To get started, use the Driving Scenario Designer app to build simple cuboid (box-shaped) scenarios and statistical radar, camera, and lidar sensor models. Then, you can use the constructed scenario and sensor models to perform these tasks:

  • Generate synthetic sensor detections and analyze the output.

  • Export the scenario code to MATLAB® and generate scenario variations programmatically.

  • Export the scenario and sensors to Simulink® and use them to test your driving algorithms.

  • Export the scenario to ASAM OpenDRIVE® and ASAM OpenSCENARIO® file formats.