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Stateflow Charts

Generate and reuse code for Stateflow® charts

Follow modeling guidelines when creating charts with events, states, and transitions. To learn about considerations when generating code for models that include Stateflow charts, see Code Generation of Stateflow Blocks.


Code Generation of Stateflow Blocks

The code generator produces code for Stateflow blocks for rapid prototyping.

Generate Code from Atomic Subcharts

Produce standalone code for linked and unlinked atomic subcharts.

Generate Reusable Code from Stateflow Atomic Subcharts

Generate reusable code for linked and unlinked atomic subcharts.

Inline State Functions in Generated Code

Describes when and how to control inlining of state functions in generated code.

Modeling Guidelines for Charts

When you develop models and generate code for charts, use the modeling guideline recommendations.

Modeling Guidelines for Stateflow Charts (Stateflow)

Efficiently model charts by using states, transitions, and events.

Featured Examples