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Display HDL block parameters with nondefault values



hdldispblkparams(path) displays, for the specified block or subsystem, the names and values of HDL parameters that have nondefault values.

hdldispblkparams(path,"all") displays, for the specified block or subsystem, the names and values of all HDL block parameters.


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This example displays all of the HDL block parameters and values for the subsystem symmetric_fir in the current model, sfir_fixed.

HDL Block Parameters ('sfir_fixed/symmetric_fir')


	Architecture  : Module

Implementation Parameters

	AdaptivePipelining : inherit
	AXI4RegisterReadback : off
	AXI4SlaveIDWidth : 
	AXI4SlavePortToPipelineRegisterRatio : auto
	BalanceDelays : inherit
	ClockRatePipelining : inherit
	ConstrainedOutputPipeline : 0
	DistributedPipelining : off
	DSPStyle : none
	FlattenHierarchy : inherit
	GenerateDefaultAXI4Slave : on
	InputPipeline : 0
	IPCoreAdditionalFiles : 
	IPCoreName : 
	IPCoreVersion : 
	IPDataCaptureBufferSize : 128
	IPDataCaptureSequenceDepth : 1
	OutputPipeline : 0
	ProcessorFPGASynchronization : 
	SharingFactor : 0
	StreamingFactor : 0

Input Arguments

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Path to a block or subsystem in the current model.

If you specify "all", hdldispblkparams displays the names and values of all HDL properties of the specified block or subsystem.

Version History

Introduced in R2010b