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Read, write, and visualize lidar data

Lidar readers process the raw data generated by lidar sensors. There are a wide variety of lidar sensors available in the industry, which generate lidar data in different formats. Lidar Toolbox™ currently supports reading data in the PLY, Velodyne® PCAP, PCD, LAS, LAZ, Ibeo, Ouster® and Hesai® PCAP sensor formats.

You can also stream data from Velodyne and Ouster sensors. For more information, see

Lidar Toolbox supports writing to PLY, PCD, LAS and LAZ sensor formats.


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lasFileReaderLAS or LAZ file reader (Since R2020b)
velodyneFileReaderRead point cloud data from Velodyne PCAP file
ousterFileReaderRead point cloud data from Ouster PCAP file (Since R2022a)
hesaiFileReaderRead point cloud data from Hesai PCAP file (Since R2022a)
e57FileReaderRead point cloud data from E57 file (Since R2023a)
ibeoLidarReaderIbeo data container (IDC) file reader (Since R2020b)
pcreadRead 3-D point cloud from PLY or PCD file
lasFileWriterLAS or LAZ file writer (Since R2022a)
pcwriteWrite 3-D point cloud to PLY or PCD file
pcshowPlot 3-D point cloud
pcshowpairVisualize difference between two point clouds
pcplayerVisualize streaming 3-D point cloud data
pointCloudObject for storing 3-D point cloud
rangeSensorSimulate range-bearing sensor readings (Since R2020b)
lidarSensorSimulate lidar sensor readings (Since R2022a)


Lidar SensorGenerate lidar point cloud data for a scene (Since R2023a)